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Erin's Own GAC, Cargin - Club Cargin

Details of Club Cargin



Rule 1



The name of the Club shall be Club Cargin. Hereinafter referred to as the Club.


Rule 2



i.         To harness and strengthen goodwill and support for the Gaelic Athletic Association in Erins Own G.A.C. Cargin.

ii.       To act as a fundraising unit with the view to maximizing financial support for all activities in Erins Own G.A.C. Cargin.

iii.     To provide self support structures for the G.A.A. members in Erins Own G.A.C. Cargin.

iv.     To assist with the promotion of all G.A.A. games and not just the one code in which                                                                    Erins Own G.A.C. Cargin has traditionally competed.

v.       The Club shall be specially precluded from involvement in the following areas

            (a) Erins Own G.A.C Committee and team appointments

            (b) Management and selection of Erins Own G.A.C. teams.

            (c) Erins Own G.A.C. Management and team expenses.


Rule 3



i.         Membership of the Club shall extend to all those whose interests coincide with Rule 2 above ( i.e. the objects of the Club)

ii.       There will be three categories of membership:

            Senior- persons over 18 years

            Junior- persons 14-18 years      Minor- persons under 14 years.

 (In addition honorary members may be elected on a majority vote of the Executive                                                                   Committee)

iii.     The annual membership subscription will be determined at the Annual General                         Meeting each year.

iv.     The annual subscription for each member shall become due at the Annual General Meeting and shall cover membership until the next A.G.M.

v.       The Executive Committee reserves the right to accept or refuse membership to anybody without prejudice to themselves.

vi.     The receipt of the membership card by the applicant shall be considered intimation to him/her that he/she has duly been elected a member of the Club and a copy of the Constitution shall be supplied to him/her.

vii.   Any member whose annual subscription is in arrears for a period of two months after notification that same is due shall be deemed not to be a member of the Club.

viii. The Executive Committee shall have power to expel, suspend or otherwise deal with any member whose conduct or actions are, in their opinion, prejudicial to the interests of the Club or to the interest of the G.A.A.

ix.     The Executive Committee shall have discretionary powers to reinstate membership, under such terms as they think fit, any person who has been dealt with under section (x) above.





Rule 4


i.         The supreme authority of the Club shall be the Annual General Meeting, subject to the overall authority of the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee and the rules of the Cumann Luthcleas Gael as defined in the Official Guide of Cumann Luthcleas Gael.

ii.       In the event of conflict of interpretation in relation to rules, the interpretation of the Club Committee will prevail.

iii.     The Executive Committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting shall administer the business affairs of the Club.

iv.     The Executive Committee shall consist of the following: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and three elected members. The Chairperson will take office upon election.   

v.       Nominations for election on to the Executive Committee to be made at the Annual General Meeting. If the nominee cannot be present at the Annual General Meeting for genuine reasons, he/she must provide the Executive Committee with sufficient notice of the fact.

vi.     The proposer and seconder must be present at the Annual General Meeting.

vii.   Election on to the Executive Committee shall be by a majority vote of those present at the Annual General Meeting and eligible to vote.

viii. All members who are over the age of 18 years on the first of January preceding the Annual General Meeting and whose subscription at the prescribed rate is not in arrears, shall be eligible to vote on all matters appearing on agenda of a General Meeting.

ix.     The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be from the end of the meeting at which it was elected until the conclusion of the next Annual General meeting with the exception of the Chairperson.  

x.       The tenure of office of the Chairperson shall be one year. He/She shall be eligible for re-election for the following year.

xi.     Should any vacancy occur on the Executive Committee or in any position of office in the Club, the Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt a member or members to fill such a vacancy or vacancies, provided that the terms of Rule 4 (iv) are adhered to.

xii.   Any member of the Executive Committee being absent without due reason, from three successive meetings shall, in the absence of    a satisfactory explanation be deemed to have resigned from office.

xiii. The Executive Committee may establish whichever sub-Committees it considers necessary for the efficient transaction of business. Such sub-Committees shall be subject to the Executive Committee and will be under the Chairmanship of a member of the Executive Committee.  

xiv. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month and five members shall constitute a quorum.

xv.   Executive Committee meetings will be held at the discretion of the Secretary.  The Secretary will have the power to convene a Special Executive Meeting at his/her discretion should business necessitate.

xvi. At all meetings of the Executive Committee, the Chairperson shall preside or in his/her absence the Vice-Chairperson, Secretary of some other member elected by the majority of those present and entitled to vote.

xvii. Immediately previous meeting minutes will be read and resolutions discussed.    No resolution once it has been passed can be overruled for a period of three months except where a resolution which has been passed deemed by Erins Own G.A.C. Committee to be in contravention of the Rules of Cumann Luthchleas Gael and/or by Erins Own G.A.C. byelaws and such decision has been notified accordingly to the Executive Committee of the Club. In such a case, the resolution will be revoked at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

xviii. Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings and Sub-Committee meetings shall be sent to Erins Own G.A.C. Hon. Secretary.  



Rule 5

General Meetings


i.         The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of December on such date as shall be determined by the Executive Committee and in the same month annually thereafter.

ii.       A special general meeting may be called at any time by the Executive Committee or at the written request of not less than 25 members of the Club or at the request in writing to the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee. Such a request shall state the nature of the matter or matters intended to be submitted to the meeting. 20 signatories must be present at the Special General Meeting where such meeting has been convened at the request of the members, otherwise the meeting shall be deemed invalid.

iii.     21 days notice of every General Meeting together with the agenda of the meeting shall be given in writing to every member of the Club in good standing. In addition such notice and agenda will also be sent to the Secretary of the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee.

iv.     The Chairperson of the General Meeting shall have a casting vote in addition to his/her vote as a member.

v.       All nominations and motions to be moved at the Annual General Meeting, together with the names of the proposer and seconder, must be received in writing by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

vi.     The following business shall be transacted:                                                                                                     (a) The Secretary shall submit a report of the proceedings of the Club for the preceding year.                                                                                                                                                        (b) The Treasurer shall submit the accounts, duly audited, for the calendar year preceding the Annual General Meeting.   (c)Election of Chairperson.                                                                                                                            (d) Election of the Executive Committee.                                                                                                                                       (e) General business.


Rule 6



i.         The funds of the Club shall be lodged in such Bank as is approved by the Executive Committee in the name of “Club Cargin”. All disbursements shall be made by cheque and all cheques shall be signed by Treasurer and countersigned by the Secretary or ONE OTHER signatory appointed by the Executive Committee.

ii.       It shall be part of the business of the Annual General Meeting to consider the Treasurer’s statement up to the preceding November 30th, which shall have been previously circulated to the members of the Club with the notice of the meeting.

iii.     All matters incurring expense on the Club must be recorded and passed by the Executive Committee.

iv.     Any member owing dues or monies for social functions, etc, and who have been requested in writing by the Secretary to appear before the Executive Committee and fail to do so will be expelled from the Club unless sufficient reason is given for their non-appearance. Any person so expelled will be precluded from any further membership of the Club. The Executive Committee shall reserve the right to initiate legal action to recover funds from any individual where it is satisfied that misappropriation of the Club funds has occurred.

v.       Only expenditure on running expenses of the Club shall be expended directly by the Club. All expenditure on the provision of support and development facilities for G.A.A. activities shall only be undertaken following consultation with the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee and the funds provided to the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee.   No monies shall be paid to any players, coaches or other officers or employees of Cumann Luthchleas Gael.




Rule 7

Rules of the Club


i.         The rules of the Club shall be printed and a copy thereof issued to each member

ii.       A copy of all amendments or alteration to rules shall be issued to all members as soon as possible after the Annual General Meeting at which such amendments or alterations have been adopted.

iii.     Alterations or additions to these rules can only be made at an Annual General Meeting or at a special meeting called for the purpose provided that requisite 21 days notice in writing to be given.

iv.     The foregoing rules shall be the Laws of the Club and their acceptance a fundamental condition of membership.

v.       The Executive Committee shall have the power to deal with any matters not provided for in these Rules and to take any action necessary or desirable for the improvement of the Club and benefit to it’s members, provided always that such actions are not in conflict with other rules of the Club or the Rules of Cumann Luthchleas Gael as defined in the Official Guide or with any defined policy of Cumann Luthchleas Gael.

vi.     The decision of the Executive Committee on the interpretation of these rules and on matters arising there from shall be final, except where such decision is held by the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee to be in conflict with Rules of Cumann Luthchleas Gael.

In such an instance, the interpretation of the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee shall be final.


Rule 8



i.         The Club shall not be dissolved without the consent of two-thirds of its membership and only on such terms and conditions as the members may determine. Where the Club functions in contravention of the ruling from the Erins Own G.A.C. Committee, the Club Committee may order the Club to dissolve and such order shall be complied with.

ii.       In the event of the Club being dissolved, the assets shall revert to Erins Own G.A.C. Committee, in whom the ultimate control is vested.

iii.       The Club is not responsible for any misfortune, howsoever caused, incurred by members on any excursion or while attending functions organized by the Club.


Signed : _Ronan Johnston_ (Chairman)       Date _________________

Signed : __Roisin Donnelly__ (Secretary)       Date _________________


Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm & Saturday 2pm
Tuesday 6.45pm & Friday 7pm
Senior Squads
Tuesday 7pm & Thursday 7pm
U-8 & U-10
Saturday 5pm - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 12noon

Times may vary by arrangement of mentors.